In a frenzy moving globalized world, society strives for faster, better and cheaper. Each individual is very often faced with the challenge of being more efficient, more talented and keep on being motivated. Does this pressure of becoming better come from without, or from within?

Southkorean philosopher BYUNG-CHUL HAN argues that in our times, “violence is executed from within, for each citizen applies it to themselves, creating the phenomenon of self-exploitation, in which human beings exercise their freedom to imprison themselves in an individualism that satisfies the demands of capitalism and globalization.” In other words, that we ourselves become our own abusers, destroying our chances of happiness, freedom and peace in our lives.

According to the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF STATISTICS in Spain, “59% of the Spanish workers suffer some sort of stress at work”. Psychological health problems such as depression, exhaustion and fear of failure, defining the social era of the 21st Century so far, where the number of followers matters more than the number of true friends.

Can we do something about this? If this pressure of being on top of the wave is on us, and comes from us, surely we can find a way to tackle it and lower the pressure. I’m Not Relevant is a small project that aims to open a space of self-questioning and awareness, taking off the stress inflicted on ourselves but also encouraging others to realize their own self-destructiveness and to join the revolution of inner freedom. Welcome to a place to shake off one’s own need of being the best and to allow oneself to just be.